Integration of open data and artificial intelligence in the development of smart cities in Africa
  • 5 July, 2022
  • Online
Session I: 10am - 12pm GMT+1

Artificial intelligence for smart cities

Session II: 2pm - 4pm GMT+1

Artificial Intelligence for big data


In the era of new technologies, the growth of African cities will not only be sustainable but also smart. The rapid urban growth represents one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century in Africa. A new paradigm of urban development is taking place, where intrinsic challenges remain. The role of digital tools and smart cities as key urban development actors in Africa is yet to be established. Can artificial intelligence present opportunities to address issues related to demographic growth and to the complexity of developing solutions for fast growing of infrastructure and urban housing services? In this webinar, you will discover:
  • The importance of collecting and analyzing big data in the context of African cities
  • IA applications in the different aspects of African cities
  • Best practices in the implementation of AI for African cities

On the agenda

Artificial intelligence for smart cities
French subtitled English

Introduction and welcome

Speaker: Jérôme CHENAL

10.00 - 10.40 AM

AI for Urban Geo-Information and its applications for smart cities in Africa

Speaker: Nesrine Chehata

MC, Bordeaux INP Specialist in Geomatics and IA Earth Observation
10.40 - 11.00 AM

What kind of city is the smart city about? Actors and construction processes in the African context

Speaker: Tariq Akdim

11.00 - 11.20 AM

Emergence of smart cities in Africa and quality of life

Speaker: Ms Christelle Gbado

PhD student
11.20 - 11.55 AM

Impact and challenges of the digitalisation of African cities on AI integration: The case of Anglophone and Francophone countries

Speaker: Willy Franck Sob

CEO of GeOsm and World Bank Consultant

Moderator: Dr Stéphane C.K. Tékouabou

Artificial Intelligence for big data
English subtitled French
2.00 - 3.40 PM

Smart Cities Strategies in Africa and AI integration: Issues, opportunities and challenges

Speaker: Dr Oualid Ali

Prof. & CEO of Future Cities Council, Toronto, Canada
2.40 - 3.00 PM

Using Open-Access Data to Explore Relations between Urban Landscapes and Diarrhoeal Diseases in Côte d’Ivoire

Speaker:Vitor Pessoa Colombo

Architech and PhD student EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland
3.00 - 3.30 PM

Open data and crowdsourced data as enablers and drivers for smart African cities.

Speaker: Anastasija Nikiforova

University Professor at Tartu, Latvia
3.30 - 4.00 PM

Low-cost data solution and citizen initiatives for AI integration in African smart cities

Speaker: Constant CAP

CEO Open data Africa

Moderator: Ms Christelle Gbado


Nesrine Chehata

MC, Bordeaux INP Specialist in Geomatics and IA Earth Observation


Doctoral student, Researcher at UIT Ibn Tofail, president of the LOGOS club, economist expert in territorial development and associate professor at SupMTI Rabat.

Christelle Gbado

PhD student

Willy Franck SOB

Founder GeOsm Family - The First Open Geospatial Knowledge Infrastructure

Oualid Ali

Founder and President at the Future Cities Council

Vitor Pessoa Colombo

Architech and PhD student EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland

Anastasija Nikiforova

Researcher , PhD in Computer Science – Data Processing Systems and Data Networking

Constant CAP

Senior Product Manager at Code for Africa's sensors AFRICA citizen science program

Vivien Deparday

Disaster Risk Management Specialist, Global Facility for Disaster Risk Reduction and Recovery