Building a new paradigm around African cities: exploring the contributions of research, innovation and creative cultural industries
February 22
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14h00 | 15h30
GMT + 1


In a continent undergoing constant change, African cities are at the center of major issues that need to be catalyzed for the benefit of all, a challenge that still remains to be met.

The first step towards this goal is to deconstruct clichés and misperceptions about these cities, by highlighting the many approaches and urban mutations that make them tick.

Research, the creative cultural industries and, more generally, innovation, offer a new set of lenses through which to understand the dynamics at work and activate the levers for sustainable transformation of urban spaces in Africa.

This webinar invites you to explore these new initiatives in the presence of various speakers who will share enlightening perspectives on current advances, while discussing the challenges and opportunities that accompany them.

It will also be an opportunity to announce the winners of the African Urban Visions contest.

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On the agenda

14:00 - 14.08


Welcome of participants, presentation of the webinar proceedings and introduction of panel members.

Speaker: Leandry JIEUTSA

14:08 - 14.33

Why a new paradigm?

This part of the webinar explores the specific dynamics of urban development in Africa. It will highlight the particularities of urbanization, with its challenges and opportunities, the possibility of rethinking urban sustainability through local architecture, the empowerment of young people and women, as well as the valorization of the rich African architectural heritage.

Speakers: Nmadili Okwumabua, Issa Diabaté, Taman Mhoumadi, Mohamed Zoghla

14:33 - 15:13

How to build this new paradigm?

This second part will examine the need to train the new generation to meet current challenges. It will focus on the use of local heritage in urban planning in Africa. It will also explore how technological advances can promote urban sustainability, considering African specificities in terms of innovation. The session will close with audience interaction, encouraging participants to respond and contribute to the discussions.

Speakers: Nmadili Okwumabua, Issa Diabaté, Taman Mhoumadi, Mohamed Zoghla

15:13 - 15:28

Announcement of the winners of the African urban visions competition

After a general presentation of the African Cities Lab (ACL) and the MOOCs, this sequence will be devoted to the proclamation of the results of the "African urban visions" competition by the jury for each category (urban photography and creative video).

Speakers: Danièle Diwouta Kotto, Taman Mhoumadi, Sarah Lecourt, Rida Azmi

15:28 - 15:30

Final remarks

The moderator summarizes the discussions, congratulates the winners and thanks the public and the panelists.

Speaker: Leandry JIEUTSA


Nmadili Okwumabua

Founder, CPDI Africa and Lecturer at the University Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Issa Diabaté

Architect, Managing Director Koffi & Diabaté Architectes

Taman Mhoumadi

Consultant, Climate and Innovation Trainer and Speaker, Singer and Actress

Mohamed Zoghlami

International Consultant in Strategy and Development, Co-founder of Afric'Up and Africa in Colors, Specialist in creative industries and the Metaverse in Africa, Africa 2020 Season Expert Committee